Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Beauty Review: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation

Hello everyone! I've been gone for quite a while because of school and work, but I'm finally done and am an official college graduate!! I did have the chance to try out a lot of new products, and can't wait to share my thoughts with you guys.

I've been seeing the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation everywhere and since I love makeup in stick or "crayon" form, I knew I had to try it. I finally got my hands on it at IMATS New York, and it's been pretty amazing so far. Although my experience with the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Liquid Cover foundation was not the best, the stick foundation is making its way to the top of my favorites list!
I wasn't a real fan of the liquid version, the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Liquid Cover Foundation, because it left my skin flaky and super dry (my skin is normally dry to combination). The Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation, however, accommodated my dry skin so much better than the liquid foundation did.

The foundation stick is a completely different consistency (obviously)- it's a solid, thicker, cream foundation. Surprisingly, the foundation stick is super creamy which makes it easy to blend out. Since it is a thicker formula, using a densely packed brush, such as the Artis brush, leaves your foundation looking airbrushed and flawless.
This foundation stick has  a medium to heavy coverage (more so on the heavy side), however, the stick application makes it easy to control how much product you use. Since it is on the heavier side, I use this as a foundation for events and nights that I go out. A little goes a long way, so I'll gently swipe two vertical lines on each cheek, once horizontally on my forehead, and use my ring finger to dab some product onto my nose and chin. Also, when I do use this as a foundation, I'll be sure to set it with a translucent powder. 

On a more daily basis, I double this foundation stick as a concealer, using my ring finger to pick up product and dab on my dark circles and blemishes. This is probably my favorite way of using the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation.

A few things I want to point out about this foundation:
  • Someone with oily skin may want to stay away from this product. Even though I have dry skin, I did get a bit oily in the T-zone area after having this foundation on for 6+ hours.
  • Since this is a stick foundation and the direct skin contact creates opportunity for contamination, I would recommend sanitizing it often with an alcohol spray or alcohol pad.
  • The foundation stick technically has less product than the liquid foundation (0.44 oz vs. 1.01oz) for the same price, however, I felt that I used less product with the foundation stick.
Overall, I've been really liking this foundation, especially as a concealer, and would recommend it for people with dry skin like myself. I really like how easily it blends out and makes my skin look, and I can see myself buying this again!

PRODUCT: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation in Y315
PRICE: $43.00 on Sephora
RATING: 9/10

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