Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mini Collection: Maybelline

I've been trying to test out more drugstore products lately, and realized that I had a few makeup staples that were actually from the drugstore! Many people forget that there are a few treasure drugstore products too. Here are a few Maybelline products I've accumulated and how I feel about them!

Instant Age Rewinder Treatment Concealer in Brightener
Possibly my ultimate, favorite drugstore product, this dark circle erasing concealer has been my staple since... forever! The twist packaging and sponge applicator is super easy when applying concealer to my under eye area, and the super illuminating product is a great double as a highlighter. I'm not so sure if it literally helps in erasing dark circles, but it is one of my favorite products.
Fit Me Dewy and Smooth in 125 Nude Beige
I picked this foundation up because I needed a dewy and cheap foundation for when I travel. It isn't an amazing product but pretty good, especially for the price. I liked using it with my Beauty Blender as an everyday, light foundation for when I have class or needed to go on errands. I wasn't a fan of the packaging though, especially since the foundation is SUPER liquidity. Overall, it's a good foundation if you need something dewy and cheap, but I've definitely seen better. Beware; there is a lot of transfer with this foundation so try to use a translucent powder! Also, if you have oily skin, you might want to try this foundation in the matte and poreless formula instead.
Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Radiant
Although I love doubling up the Instant Age Rewinder concealer as a highlighter, I really wanted to buy a concealer made for highlighting. This is also a twist package (I LOVE TWIST PACKAGING), and makes application super precise and easy. The actual product looks and feels like face paint but I really like it for highlighting! It dries fairly quick so you won't be able to 'bake' with this concealer. By the way, the first time using this will require a lot of twisting, so be patient!
Color Blur Cream Matte Pencil Smudger in 45 I'm Blushing
I believe this is a newer product by Maybelline, but I saw a few YouTubers being promoted for it so I thought I'd try it out. This lippie is aimed to giving the perfect ombre or gradient lip and since the gradient lip look has been on the rage in Korea so I had to see if it was actually useful. The pencil part reminds me a lot of crayon but it's actually pretty moisturizing and well made. The other end is this weird plastic smudging tool which is supposed to help 'blur' the product and help you make that ombre effect. When you follow the directions correctly (put the product only in the center of your lips then use the smudging tool to make the gradient effect), it works out okay. Although the actual formula of the product is nice, I'd prefer to use concealer and a regular lip product to create the gradient look.
These were all purchased from CVS, my local drugstore, but I added links from the Maybelline website because I couldn't find all the products on the CVS website. I hope you guys enjoyed my mini Maybelline collection and I can't wait to see how you guys like these products! Till next time!

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