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Beauty Review: Clarisonic Mia 2

Hello everyone! Today, I'll be reviewing the Clarisonic Mia 2. Clarisonic is very well known for their expensive skin cleaning systems. They have a range of devices with the Mia Fit being one of the newer ones. Since it's a newer product, the Mia Fit is currently much more expensive than the Mia 2- a valid excuse for those interested in purchasing the Mia 2 ;)!

The one that I purchased a while back is the Mia 2 Sea Breeze Soothing Hydration set. The set was on a special deal on Sephora and it came with the device, the charger, a sensitive brush head, a delicate brush head, a plastic travel case, a Kate Somerville Gentle Daily wash, and a First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. (This particular set is gone, so I linked a similar set.)
Before purchasing my Clarisonic, I decided to do some research because of the negative reviews I've seen. Many people have said that the first two weeks after using the Clarisonic would be the hardest, because your skin will "go through a purging phase", which basically means that you'll break out. Most negative reviewers seem to reflect this and stop before getting to the next phase of the process (after the two weeks) which is when your skin will be "the best it has ever been". Personally, I felt like I went through the shortest, or non-exisistent, purging phase. I got two or three pimples, which I would say was actually more of a hormonal thing.

Another key point; my skin is rather dry and sensitive, so I stuck to using the sensitive brush head. *Although this is not from my own experience, I would NOT recommend using the deep pore brushes because of what I read from other reviewers.*

When you first receive your Clarisonic, you're supposed to charge it for 24 hours. The charger is magnetic, so there are no open ports on the device. The brush head that came attached was the sensitive brush head, so I rinsed it off and used that. The Clarisonic is suggested to be used once daily, which has been working for me!

Before using the Clarisonic, I always rinse the brush head (you can twist it off to remove it) and remove my makeup with a makeup removing towelette or cotton ball and micellar water. After that, I wet my face with water to create less traction between the Clarisonic and my face, and squeeze about two dollops of my cleanser directly onto the brush head.

The Clarisonic has a 60 second session; 20 seconds for the forehead, 20 for the nose and chin area, and 10 for each cheek. After completing every section, the Clarisonic will buzz in your hand (it's quite obvious) to let you know that you have to go to the next part of your face.

After the Clarisonic shuts off, I rinse my face off and detach the brush head to wash off the bristles to keep them in prime condition. You do have to purchase the device head every few months (the recommended is every 3 months but I've only had to replace it every 4-5 months). I also clean the inside of the actual Clarisonic, then dry it off with a paper towel. It's completely water proof so don't be afraid to rinse it off!! I try to put the brush head and Clarisonic separately and at an angle on a paper towel to get all the water out and avoid any mold from forming.

Is it worth the money?

I would say, yes. But more so for people who wear makeup on a daily basis. I definitely see the difference between washing my face with only my hands versus washing my face with the Clarisonic! I've been using this for almost a year and I can see that the quality of my skin has improved a lot and it almost seems like it's glowing. I normally do not get crazy blemishes, just the occasional pimple, but I do have blackheads, and I feel like the Clarisonic deep cleans my pores much better than my hand. My blackheads aren't completely gone or anything like that, however, my skin feels a lot cleaner. You can also see the makeup residue on the brush after you've washed your face, which to me, is saying that it works.

All in all, I think the Clarisonic Mia 2 is a great addition to your skincare routine. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, there are many out there, so definitely look into those! I hope you guys enjoyed my super in depth review of the Clarisonic Mia 2. Feel free to message or comment your questions!

PRODUCT: Clarisonic Mia 2 Sea Breeze Soothing Hydration Set
PRICE: $149.00 on Sephora
RATING: 10/10

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