Sunday, June 26, 2016

Memebox: Etude House Mystery Box 2016 *SPOILERS*

Spoiler time!! A while back, I placed my order for a Mystery Box from Memebox and it has finally arrived! Even though I had no idea of what products I might be getting, my experience with Memebox and Etude House have been great, so I knew I would be happy with the box!
Memebox is an online store carrying amazing Korean Beauty products, from makeup to skincare to tools! They also have a variety of curated boxes, some of which are "Mystery Boxes". These Mystery Boxes are similar to subscription boxes, like PopSugar Must Have boxes and FabFitFun. You pay first, and they send you products worth equal or more than the cost of the box. For this Mystery Box, Memebox and Etude House collaborated to bring us some of their latest products. For those who are skeptical as to what Etude House is, it is a very well known brand based in South Korea that carries skincare, makeup, beauty tools, and more.

The box has 5 full sized items:

1. Big Cover Concealer Cushion in Mint: $13.20
Let me start by saying- OH MY GOODNESS! I've been needing a new color correcting pen and this is exactly what I wanted!! This cushion concealer is a click pen and dispenses a green concealer into a soft cushion applicator. The application is very easy, although I have to use my finger to really blend it in. It also has SPF 30, which is always a plus, and the formula itself is great! There is a strong baby powder scent, which I actually like, but others may be put off by it.

2. Play Therapy Sleeping Pack in Moist Up: $10.40
This sleeping pack is another product that I've been really wanting to try! Perfect for my super dry skin, this sleeping pack provides incredible hydration and leaves my skin feeling great in the morning. I also really like the light, gel-like consistency that absorbs into my skin nicely, without making it feel greasy.

3. Berry Aha! Bright Peel Boosting Serum: $18.00
This boosting serum/ bright peel works similar to how a toner would work. It has a perfumey berry scent and really refreshes my skin. My skin also felt super smooth after using this. I found that using my hands, rather than a cotton pad, to pat this on my skin works better. I'm hoping to see more long term effects with this.

4. Play 101 Stick: $14.40
Etude House came out with this creamy, contour duo. While the two sides are a bit difficult to blend out, the highlight color is gorgeous! It has a beautiful white/pink gleam that I may actually use on my eyes as well. I think that this particular product will take some time to get used to, but I can see myself really liking it!

5. AC Clinic Intense Mask Sheet: $2.60
Normally, I would have been iffy on considering a sheet mask as a "full size" product, however, since the other items were really good, I won't complain (haha)! I love using face masks, and this is a wonderful addition to my collection. Since this is formulated with Salicylic Acid, I will be saving this for when I get a breakout.

I am quite happy with this Etude House Mystery Box from Memebox. The box cost me $35 and I got $59 worth of items! Not only did I get more than my money's worth, but also, the products were great quality and most of them were items I actually really wanted! I will say that even though I did get more than my money's worth, Memebox wrote that the box would equal $70. Either way, I am very happy!

I hope you guys enjoyed these spoilers! You can sign up for Memebox with my link and get 20% off your next order. Also, make sure to sign up for the Memebox newsletter to be notified of future Mystery Boxes :)!

PRODUCT: Memebox Etude House Mystery Box 2016
PRICE: $35.00 on Memebox
RATING: 10/10

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