Friday, May 8, 2015

The Makeup Show NYC 2015

This past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity of working with Beautylish at the Makeup Show in NYC! I had a wonderful experience working with Beautylish last year at IMATS so I was thrilled to be a part of the team again. TMSNYC was held in the Metropolitan Pavilion, and the show was specifically geared towards makeup artists, and providing them with the best makeup, tools, and workshops. It was such an wonderful experience meeting and speaking with so many different people from all over the world, and I'm already looking forward to working with Beautylish again in the future!
Beautylish was promoting their new partnership with Bioderma (AHHH!), and is actually the first U.S. company to be partnered with Bioderma! (This means Bioderma is finally accessible in the states and is being sold for a super affordable price!!) Anyways, promoting Bioderma was super fun and easy, especially since I love the product, and because many of the makeup artists attending TMSNYC generally knew about it. The others and I on the Beautylish team were provided lab coats to go with the adorable "pharmacy" theme.

Since the venue was smaller and more crowded, it was difficult to take pictures without being in someone's way. The Beautylish team was also very busy with selling the super popular Bioderma, but I managed to get a few pictures and videos. I wish I recorded more but I hope this super short montage will give an idea of what these makeup shows are like!

I was so starstruck when I saw the gorgeous, Maryam Maquillage, she is such a modest and nice person, and it was lovely meeting her!
All the products at TMSNYC were discounted, so I went a little crazy on stocking up. I'll definitely be doing a review on most of these products, especially the Static Nails and the new Makeup Forever HD foundation.

After the show ended at around 6pm, my best friend, who worked with me on the Beautylish team, and I went to go eat dinner and catch up on life. A huge thank you to Beautylish for such a great experience! I can't wait for next year!

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