Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Foodventure: Our Date in Philly

It's been Spring Break for me and I am finally over the fact that I am not going to Cancun. Long story short, I was supposed to go to Cancun with some friends over break, but the travel agency didn't pay on time so everything (the flights and hotel) got cancelled. To compensate for our lack of plans, my boyfriend, Austin, and I decided to go on a date to Philly (Philadelphia, PA for those who were confused).

DISCLAIMER: This is him making a funny face, he does not actually look this beautiful. Hehe. 

We left to Philly later than we hoped but we still got to do most of the things we planned. We started out by going to the ever famous Luke's Lobster for a late lunch, and shared an order of Taste Of Maine, which had a little bit of crab, lobster, and shrimp. It's true that everything was very, very fresh, but we felt that the meal was a bit bland in taste. If you ever go to Luke's Lobster, definitely get the Maine Root Mexican Cola to pair with your meal.


After finishing our mini lunch, we walked to the Mütter Museum, which was super freaky and awesome at the same time. There were fetuses, skeletons, brains, and just all types of things related to the human body. If you can handle gruesome things, I definitely suggest going here! It only took us about an hour to go through everything but it was a very interesting experience. There was no photography allowed, but the website (which I linked) has a little taste of what kind of exhibits they have. Also, if you're a student, it'll only cost 10$, so bring your student ID!

Since we had a light lunch, we were hungry after the museum. (Yup, after looking at those skin crawling exhibits, we were still open to eat.) Austin used Yelp to find somewhere to eat and he discovered a place called Hai Street Kitchen & Co. The thing that lured us in were the "sushi burrito" type rolls they offered. They've been super popular in San Francisco, so we were super excited that Philly actually had it too. We shared the Tataki Salmon rolled in a nori wrap, and added a bunch of toppings. I thought it was good, but I think the idea of a sushi burrito skewed my opinion of it since Austin didn't care for it much. Either way, we both agreed that we'd try it again!



Our sushi burrito made us super full so we shopped around Philly, specifically on Chestnut and Walnut St. We began to wander around since stores were closing and ended up at the Kimmel Center. We were actually about to pass it, but I dragged Austin in because it was such a beautiful and large building. Inside, we overheard a staff member saying that a jazz show was going to begin soon and it turned out to be free, so we went down to where the show was and watched for a bit. We didn't catch the name of the group playing but they were really good! We had to make our dinner reservation so we left early and made our way to Fogo de Chão, a Churrasco (Brazilian steakhouse buffet).



Austin's family took Austin and me to an amazing Churrasco when we went to Utah over the summer, so we had really high expectations for Fogo de Chão. There were all types of meats that the servers sliced in front of us. The bacon wrapped filet mignon and garlic sirloin were the best choices and they melted in my mouth! I was a little disappointed that there were no chicken hearts (don't let the name fool you, it's delicious) and the service was just good, not great. At the end of the meal, we were very content and left with full bellies.


Of course we couldn't end the night without dessert! Austin found a gelato place near the garage that we parked in, and it was fantastic. The place is called Capogiro Gelato and it was rated #1 in National Geographic for being the best ice cream in the entire world! I admit it was pretty darn good, but I'm not too sure about #1. Anyways, they wrote a suggestion to mix Tarocco siciliano (red orange) and Uva verde (grape) on the chalkboard, and it was certainly a delicious combination. Austin got the Moka (mocha) and Vaniglia (vanillia), and he enjoyed that as well. He did say that the Moka did not have a strong mocha taste though.




It was pretty late after our dessert so we decided to head back to New Jersey. It was a really successful foodventure/ date and we were very happy with all the places we went to. Can't wait to go back to Philly for round 2!

P.S. I've been on Yelp fever lately. Add me on Yelp if you guys are on too!


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