Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Mother's Beauty and Fashion Secrets

Although we should appreciate our mothers and mother figures everyday, Mother's Day is a day dedicated to celebrating everything they have done for us. In light of appreciating all that my mother has taught me, I'll be sharing five very important beauty and fashion tips that saved my life throughout the years.

1. "Master the circular motions."

My mother exfoliates her face and body every day to achieve radiating and wrinkle-free skin. The secret, which she stresses, is to exfoliate in soft circular motions. Whether it be your face or body, my mother says to apply product on a loofah or your hands and wash in circular motions. Make sure to wash in gentle motions because your skin is soft and delicate; getting rough with your skin by scrubbing too hard or using harsh scrubs can induce redness and increase chance of getting breakouts.

2. "Never over-tweeze your eyebrows."

I know this tip is a given, but it is so important! You know that saying, "once you start, you'll never stop"? Well, that saying was definitely meant for tweezing. To avoid over-tweezing, my mother taught me to tweeze once, then move away from the mirror to see your whole face, and repeat this till you're satisfied with how your brows look. Even though this seems tedious, it'll definitely help you avoid tweezing all of your eyebrows off!

3. "Know what looks good on you."

My mother taught me that knowing your body shape and the types of clothing that best flatters you is so important when you're choosing your clothing. Not only does this make it easier to shop, it can also help you find better fitting clothing. This doesn't mean that you should never branch out and wear other types of clothing, but having a set closet of flattering pieces can make you appear very put together. Plus, knowing what type of pieces flatter your body shape makes online shopping so much easier! 

4. "The basic pieces are always the best pieces."

Having basic pieces in your closet is definitely a must! They can be found at many different stores, and are usually very cheap. My mother taught me the simplicity of throwing on accessories and a cardigan on top of a basic piece, like a tank or a v-neck, to create a fashionable and well-put together outfit. 

5. "Smiling is the best accessory; but a little lip gloss wouldn't hurt." 

My mother has always told me that smiling is the best accessory, and I completely agree. A smile can change the mood and brighten up your face! When paired with a sleek lip gloss, my mother says your smile can become the most expensive accessory you own. 

These are the five beauty and fashion tips that my beautiful mother has been swearing by for years. I hope you found these tips as useful as I did, and enjoy your Mother's Day!


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