Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Bootea Series Day 1: First Impressions

Hi guys! It's already a few weeks into 2015, but it's never too late to try new things and make goals for the year. I'm a huge tea fanatic and I've been seeing these tea detox, or "teatox", products all around Instagram. I wouldn't mind shedding a few pounds while drinking tea, especially since I've been feeling really bloated from all the holiday dinners!

There are so many different products out there with basically the same effect, so I did a lot of research before choosing which brand to get. After much researching and pondering (via other blogs and YouTube), I purchased a 14-day supply of Bootea for daytime teatox and bedtime cleanse. I've decided to do a "Bootea series" to share my experience with teatoxing.

I specifically purchased the "Daytime Tea (14 days worth)" and the "Bedtime Cleanse Tea (14 days worth)". The tea packages are delivered in a manilla envelope with bubble wrap inside. It took around 5 days for my package to arrive (I live in NJ). The actual tea leaves are enclosed in pyramid tea bags to make it easier for seeping, and the instructions on the packages say that you should steep them for three minutes in "almost boiling water".

I'm going to be weighing myself at least two times a day, take note of what I consume, and also keep track of exercises I did to see my progress.

DAY 1: First Impressions

DAYTIME TEATOX: Many reviewers complained about the smell of the teas, but the smell isn't terrible. I might be more used to these strong herbal scents since I drink a lot of herbal teas though. The closest thing I can compare the scent to would be Chinese medicinal herbs and it'll be easy to get used to. The actual taste of the tea might be off putting for people who do not enjoy tea, but again, it's not that bad! I could see myself drinking this casually.

Throughout the day, I felt a little more energized and wanted to move around and exercise. Maybe it was a placebo effect, maybe not. I'll have to see if this feeling continues through the days. I did my daily stretches and jump-roped with my brother, but nothing too crazy. I also felt more full throughout the day which is really good since I enjoy snacking when I'm bored.

BEDTIME CLEANSE: The bedtime tea has a very strong smell, much stronger than the day time tea. It's basically the same herbal smell except amplified. It was to the point where I actually cringed when I smelled the bed time tea. After steeping, however, the scent became minty and quite pleasant in a strange, soothing way. I was more strict on the steeping time with the bedtime tea because the tea contains senna leaves, which has a laxative effect. (Better safe than sorry!) As for the taste, I actually enjoyed it very much! The tea was slightly minty and calming, perfect for a bedtime drink.

I'm mostly afraid of the laxative effect from the senna leaves, but it's supposed to be mild so I'll suck it up. I'll check in tomorrow night with how everything is going!


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