Friday, January 16, 2015

The Bootea Series Day 4: Slow and Steady

Today is the end of Day 4 of my 14-Day Bootea teatoxing! As promised, I am updating you guys on my second experience with the bedtime cleansing tea.

Before explaining my oh so glamorous rest room experiences, however, I want to say that I was super embarrassed, and even afraid, to publicly write about this part of teatoxing, but I've learned to overcome my shyness so that I can provide the best review I can! Although I'm still a bit choosy with my words and such, I feel a lot more comfortable in expressing myself as real as possible in my posts and that's a huge accomplishment for me.

Now that I got that out of the way, back to the fun stuff! My reaction to the bedtime cleanse was essentially the same as it was the first day. I had 9-10 hours of sleep and woke up from sharp pains in my stomach. It hurt enough to wake me up but only lasted 5 minutes. My restroom visits were the same as the first day, very mild and almost normal.  A huge difference would be how I didn't feel anything right after I drank the tea, since my stomach reacted quickly last time. I also didn't have any stomach pains throughout the day like I did on my Day 2.

As for the daytime tea, it's been pretty good in making me feel full throughout the day and I've started to see a decrease in how much I eat. The bloated feeling I had for a few weeks has disappeared, which is a huge plus! I've lost one pound so far but my weight fluctuates like crazy so I'll have to compare my weight from Day 1 and Day 14 to see if there's an actual difference.

After my second encounter with the bedtime cleansing tea, I've come to the conclusion that my reaction to it will remain pretty much the same. If there are no changes on Day 6, I'll have an update by Day 8! Talk to you guys soon!


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